The price of living in certain parts of the UK

Expensive St Albans

I don’t understand how things can cost so differently in various parts of this country.

We spent last Sunday afternoon browsing in Cambridge and there were a couple of items that took my fancy that I decided to wait and purchase this weekend.

Why is everything so expensive in St Albans? One particular pair of sandals was £15 more expensive – £40 in Cambridge – £55 in St Albans.

It seems you cannot get a reasonable price on anything in the city.

Maybe if people weren’t so far up their own asses and took and interest, instead of mincing around in all the latest labels they would realise how much this city rips them off.

I guess that’s the price you pay for living in some eco-friendly, yummy mummy part of the country. I am sure the likes of Brighton, Bath and Cheltenham must be much the same.

I wish whoever gets in in the General Election really does create a fairer Britain and doesn’t just make things easy for those living in the North, Wales or Scotland.

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