Next time…

I have been reading “Next Time We’re Flying Somewhere Sunny” and must confess its the first Kindle book I have failed to finish.

This is a cheap e-book and it shows.

The story follows the author and his girlfriend as they hire a VW camper van and drive through Europe.

The premise of the book was rather romantic and it sounded like a fun read. How wrong I was.

75% of the way through and the author is so depressed and down I couldn’t care less if they made it home or not. They hate the van, the countries they visit, the weather, the food – in fact everything.

This is not so much a book as a diary of someone who needs to appreciate life for what it is instead of whining about it and charging us all the privilege for reading such a pile of crap.

Next time I will buy another book!

Talking of which – can any of you suggest which book I should read next? I have downloaded numerous samples and nothing has grabbed me so far…

Thanks for your comment!

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