When God was a Rabbit

20110801-211131.jpgI read some good reviews about Sarah Winmans book but had no idea how gripped I’d be.

“Rabbit” follows the consequences and occasions that shape a person and those she love. Regardless of how vast or inconsequential it all shapes who we are and this captures it fantastically.

I’m am sure lots of people can relate to the story and I am no exception. I was very surprised how much I could relate to from the places (Cornwall, Essex, New York), the people and the events that shaped the generation.

Rabbit is a very powerful book which fills you with love, anger, hope and fear. It really gripped me and I have recommended it highly to so many people.

Sarah (or Elly) does a great job of allowing the reader to flow seamlessly from one event to another yet allowing you time to reflect, to fill the gaps, the unmentioned – with your own experiences and memories.

This isn’t the type of book I normally read but it held me in it’s grip until I finished the last page this evening.

Rabbit gives you hope, makes you feel like and child and a time when things seemed less innocent but obviously weren’t so.

I cannot recommend “When God was a Rabbit” highly enough. It you only take one book on holiday or are looking for an inspirational read then make it this one.

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