Blogging on the go

I don’t know why I have persisted with the WordPress blog tool for iOS for so long. It’s always been really buggy. Tonight I have installed Blogsy onto my iPad and hope that allows me to blog more frequently and easily.


What is the point of having an always on device of there are apps that do not allow you to use it to its full potential?

Anyway I shall use it and see how I get along. I could do with something to take my mind off things as its been a shit week. The crap has been flying at us from all directions and we cannot wait for the weekend for an opportunity to unwind.

I have a global broadcast to deliver next week and then have to get down to ensuring the next one (broadcast from China) is all set to go. It would seem that you don’t get dips in the working year any more. It’s busy busy busy!

St Paul's

One thing I am pleased about is the clearance of the protesters at St Paul’s and the fact that it’s starting to look likes it’s old self again. I just hope The City of London Corporation and Westminster Council manage to a) keep the protestors away and b) don’t take too long to clean everything up (it is filthy up there).

(As you can probably determine the app works well 🙂 )

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