A Street Cat Named Bob

By James Bowen

20120320-175108.jpgNow I have to admit I didn’t know much about this pair until I heard about the book but I can totally understand why Bob and James are such popular characters.

This book tells the story of how James a busker whose trying to ween himself off drugs, comes across a stray cat and the affect their meeting has on one another.

As well as being a lovely account of Bobs escapades it also documents James highs and lows as he decides to go “clucking” and rid himself of drugs for good. With the help of his feline companion he not only accomplishes this astonishing feat, he also starts to rebuild his trouble and fractured life.

“Bob…” also gives a wonderful insight into human nature and shares James experiences of locals and tourists he encounters around London. It’s sad to read the negatives but I think there are far more positives to be found amongst the pages of this moving book.

James concludes with a wonderful sentiment about everyone needing and finding someone in their lives like Bob and I can really relate to this. So often people are left to fend for themselves on an overcrowded yet lonely planet, let’s make the most of every connection we can make to enrich all our lives.

I also have a clearer understanding of the process Big Issue sellers have to go through to sell their magazines and I respect and applaud them for what they do. I am not sure I could stand on the street selling magazines if I’m honest. Next time I see a Big Issue seller I’ll be sure to buy a copy. I had better take some treats with me in case I encounter James and Bob.

This is a wonderful insight into the connection between cats and their “owners” and I’d love more people to read this an appreciate the love we receive from our feline companions.

Best of luck to all the James and Bobs of the world.

Follow James and Bobs exploits on Twitter @streetcatbob (thanks for the retweet guys).

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