The Devil is in the detail…

As mentioned last week I got myself some new running kit as I am really getting into running and am enjoying it.

Whilst at Westfield today we popped into the huge Nike store.

I managed to resist the urge to buy a Nike+ Fuelband (I don’t think it’s worth the money) but I did purchase a Summerised Windrunner.

As it’s been raining quite a bit and combined with the high winds I thought I would get one so that I have the option of grabbing it when I need to. It also gives me a reason not to excuse myself from running when the weather is really bad.

I am a bit dubious about wearing it as I think I may sweat a lot in it but to be honest I used to think that about polyester clothes and my running kit seems to be that and I get on with it. Ultimately I am going to sweat whilst running to I don’t think there is a problem.

My "Summerised Windrunner" all packed into the pocket :)
My “Summerised Windrunner” all packed into the pocket 🙂

Anyways whilst unpacking it from the store bag I noticed that there was a tag in the left pocket and much to my delight you can turn the pocket inside out, fold the whole jacket inside, seal it and then loop it to your shorts/wrist with a pop fastening.

Even the outside of the bag/inside of the pocket is branded.

It may seem simple and it may be reminiscent of those awful pack-a-macs you used to get in the 70’s but I think this is an excellent design feature.

When I am out running and I am too hot I can simply take the jacket off, screw it in the pocket and strap it to me whilst running.

Nice feature Nike and such a useful idea.

Little design features like this really do float my boat as it shows that people really do care about the products they make.

Oh and the best bit? This £55 jacket was £25 in the Nike sale 🙂 Bargain!


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