Running in Tighty Whities!

Happy as Larry this evening. When I was checking the coaching app a couple weeks ago, this was the week I was dreading as the runs are much longer and the walks shorter. Turns out I had nothing to fear as I managed to do all the three long runs with relative ease.

I did find it a bit tough on the final fast run but I kept going. I can see my pace slowed on this leg and I could tell that was the case whilst out on the road. That said I am more than happy as I wouldn’t have managed doing that a couple weeks ago.

Whilst running tonight I bumped into Richard cycling back from the station. That helped raise a smile and gave me some encouragement to continue.

A new burst of energy and another new running top. As well as the new long sleeve top I wore out Friday I got this new Asics top and gave it it’s virgin run this evening. It’s much more snug than any of my other running kit and I am not sure if this caused me to sweat so much this evening – then again it’s 20 degrees out so it’s been quite a warm run this evening.

I may not have done myself any favours by following the suggestions on Lifehacker that you shouldn’t wipe away sweat as you cool down quicker. This is all very well but the sweat running into my eyes blinded me mid run!

More than happy with my progress, I just need to find a way to see the updated Nike+ screen as I missed 5K by 400 metres!

I am not sure why Nike made the change to the display with the app update as it is annoying that I cannot see the time/distance information when running now due to the cover on my armband and the sun. The old display worked with no problem. Please Nike sort it out!

That said the Nike web site is doing a great job at keeping me motivated. As you can see from the chart here my total distance for the last 30 days is,on a level par with men my age and other people in the Nike + community. It’s good to know that I am managing to manage the status quo. Another achievement I hadn’t imagined I’d hit quite so soon.

I’ve also acquired a habit of thinking up things to say in my blog or witty titles for the blog entry. Sadly I don’t recall anything I came up with this evening. This must prove I was concentrating in my run 🙂


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