Ran until I thought I’d lose my breath…

I'm such a sweaty Betty!
I'm such a sweaty Betty!

Sorry for paraphrasing Janet Jackson there!

Today was my first continuous run and I have mixed feelings about it. At the end of the run I feel really good and am really proud at what I have achieved. I think I managed a great time and was much fitter than I had imagined.

During the run I was full of self doubt and I screwed up my pacing which put a lot of pressure on my breathing, my legs and my concentration. I got 15 minutes into the run when I had to take a drink and slow down to a fast walk to catch my breath.

With this being my first continuous run I wasn't sure how I was going to run and drink at the same time. I let that distract me which it needn't have (the things I worry about!).

Drinking seems to be some sort of emotional crutch for me as I sweat a lot during exercise and feel I need to take on a lot of fluid to counteract all the sweat. Anyone got any ideas whether too much fluid intake is bad or not?

I am slightly pissed off that I stopped to a fast walk pace at all but I guess I should be happy that I didn't actually stop mid run.

As you can see from the info graphic from Nike+ Running my fastest pace was much different from my slowest. Of course this also includes the warm up 5 minutes and the cool down 5 minutes so I guess you have to find an average. I was running at 6'45 at one stage which I believe is my fastest continuos pace yet.

Today's run information from Nike+
Today's run information from Nike+

I want to improve and am happy with my improvements so far but I have a thirst for more knowledge and more information. I want to be an effective efficient runner without causing myself any harm and because of this I am conversing with runners (hello to everyone at the Covent Garden Nike+ Running Club and @innerrunner), reading blogs (Fit for a Year , Innerrunner and Park Run to name a few) and listening to podcasts (Park Run and Mojo for Running) which means I am absorbing lots of information and advice and am starting to feel part of a community. And a very friendly one at that.

I was listening to a Mojo for Running podcast (in fact two), about cadence and wasn't sure what it was or how it would affect my running. Coach Debbie recommends that improving your cadence to 180 bpm will make you a better, healthier and more efficient runner. She played a metronome on her podcast running at 180 bpm and a quick follow around the garden proved that it is a pace I am sure I can cover. I only wish I had listened to the podcast before running this morning as I could have tested the theory today.

Have any other runners out there completed any form of training or regime to improve their cadence? Was it successful for you? I am going to give it a try when I head out on Monday as I have longer runs now and I want to see if this can improve my pace and keep me going for longer without having to stop for a speed walk mid way.

It's quite nice to be off today and to spend time on my run, not worrying about getting home in time to head out. I don't rush my runs but now I have had a run today I know I can relax now until I head out again on Monday (I give myself two days rest after every three runs).

Nike+ has been updated to allow friend connections again. I'd love to increase my circle of running friends. Why not add me? My id is trunkguy or alternatively I think you can add me via my profile.

And as if Nike + wasn't enough to keep me motivated, I have also joined dailymile and will use this as a back up to track my runs. Hopefully I can find more running pals online who I can chat with and learn from.

It also gives me a chance to share more stats and I am amused by the dailymile stats as they show you how many TVs you can power with the energy you generate or how many donuts you have burned off 🙂

I have to say a big thank you to Shaun for the cheers he sent from Path. Hearing the cheers as I was running really put a smile on my face and motivated me to push on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ran until I thought I’d lose my breath…

  1. Thanks for the mention! I think everyone goes through the thoughts of self doubt at some point, I know I do! I think the key is consistency, go at your own pace and don’t be afraid to walk. I look at it this way, I’m not racing against anyone and I’ve got time. I don’t see running as a project with a specific end or goal, its something I do – hopefully for a long time.

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