Today has not gone as planned

Up up and away
Up up and away

I have the day off today as I had rescheduled my hot air balloon trip. Unfortunately even though it is a gloriously sunny day, the wind is too high and there is a chance of showers later in the day which means an accumulation of clouds. This means the trip has been cancelled for the second time. I have to wait for another date to become free and hope that I take off on my third attempt.

I am therefore going to enjoy a day off and potter about, go for a run and generally chill out.

I'll be joined by Richard who is having an unscheduled day working from home as he has cracked his tooth.

Not the best start to the day for either of us but I am sure it'll all be fine.

We are in London this weekend celebrating Richard and our friends birthdays. Looking forward to an evening in town and staying on the Docklands 😉

The last couple of days have been very hot in the South East. I honestly thought I was going to pass out on the train home – that wasn't helped by the train not being able to open the windows on the train and the bins being full – it stank!

Lunch was pleasurable yesterday. I escaped the office and managed to grab a chair under the horse chestnut tree outside St Paul's. It was lovely to sit calmly in the centre of London and watch the world go by, sheltered by the spreading tree. Bliss

My lunchtime spot
My lunchtime spot
St Paul's and the Horsechestnut tree
St Paul's and the Horsechestnut tree


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