How many degrees?

My run day was shifted to Sunday as we were out in the country with friends yesterday. We did spend about 5 hours wandering around Waddesdon Manor and its grounds and Richard and I spent a further hour or so walking around Bicester Village so it was a fairly active day.

As we were out socialising we did seem to eat more than we would usually and I wondered if this would have an effect on today's run.

I also went out after a morning of doing the weeks ironing and housework so I had used quite a reserve of calories before I got outside.

I decided to put on my new mock base layer as it was 5 degrees out with a wind chill that made it feel like 0 and yes it was cold. I didn't put on my gloves at the beginning and wish I had as my hands were cold to begin with. I needn't have worried though as once I got going I soon warmed up – even when it rained.

I completed two splits of 22 minute runs with one 1 minute walk in between. I covered 8K and had an average pace of 6:30 which is not bad considering all my worries!

Fastest song of this run was Acapella by Kelis but I am sure a few other songs helped motivate me through this run.

I'm going to try to do at least one long run mid week this week as I want to be certain I am happy with my progress for the MoRun. I know I can cover the 10k distance but have not run it continuously yet.

Best of luck to those I know who are running #RTTB and The Great South Run today. I am sure you all did very well! Maybe next year I might join you… Maybe…


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