My Favourite Songs of 2012

My 10 Favourite Songs of 2012*

You won’t find any Gangman Style, Adele, Tiki or Tinchy Strider in this list but I hope you will enjoy what I have included.

My list is in no particular order…

Cerulean Simian Mobile Disco

Proving once again they are true geniuses of electronic dance music.  This is a stand out track from Unpatterns and is made even more enjoyable when teamed with the fantastic video.  Electronic music doesn’t get any better than this…


Timebomb Kylie

Proof that you don’t need to be promoting a tour, book or album to reales a new single.  Proof you can shoot a very effective video on a fairly low budget.  Proof you can be Kylie and be filmed walking around Soho and the gays will admire you from afar.  Proof that she still has it and this is one of the best floor filers of the year.

Run Boy Run Woodkid

Overplayed during the Olympics and used in countless ad campaigns this year this track has given Woodkid a lot of exposure.  I love it.  I love the arrangement, the vocals, the switch between strings and electronics.  Most of all I love the way the drums motivate me when I am running   This has become a staple of my favourite running playlist this year and I have to sprint through all of the track as it gives such good energy.


Good Time Owl City and Carly rae Jepsen

Following the internet viral smash of Call Me Maybe this was Carly’s next single and she teamed up with Owl City.  This is such a summer hit, great bouncy lyrics and a wonderful melody throughout the song.  I like it more than Call Me Maybe and it seems that this was released just at the right time.  This deserved to be a massive summer anthem as it just lifts your spirits.

Sad Elton John vc Pnau

An “Official Song” of London 2012 Olympics this got a lot of air play and rightly so.  Pnau found a real gem in the Elton John back catalogue and added some fantastic floating melodies to further enhance the dreaminess of the song.  Just a shame the rest of the album was a bit of a let down…

Cry At Films Bright Light Bright Light

One of my most anticipated albums in a long time and after an initial love-hate struggle with Make Me Believe in Hope I can confirmed I am hooked on the album and this track.  BLx2 deserves much more airplay and exposure than I feel he gets at present.  His album is a fantastic mix of old school 80’s sampling with noughties electronics.  Cry at Films is a perfect example of this.  I love this track so much…

Requiem in denim and leopardskin Pet Shop Boys

This is one of the most poignant songs I have heard in a long time and is a fantastic way to end the brilliant album Elysium. Telling the story of a make up artist/friend who dies, this is a wonderful capture of what she meant to Neil and Chris and how the imagined her life to be.  It’s very touching, stirring and holds a lovely chorus and arrangement throughout…  If you only listen to one track from my list please make sure it’s this one.

We Come Running Youngblood Hawke 

Don’t know where it came from.  Don’t know how it got into my subconscious but it did and I love it!

Stars Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

Reminding me of Tigercity and all those brilliant bands from the 80’s/90’s such as Deacon Blue, Kate Bush – this is a true winner.  I love the build up, the choral arrangement and the guitar riffs throughout – it’s such a robust track.  Possibly one of the longest song titles of 2012 too!

Rock and Roll Love Affair Prince

Out of nowhere Prince appears on the Jimmy Fallon show sporting an afro and playing music that sounds like it came from the Purple era.  This truly is a return to form and although the EP had some lame remixes the original is a true classic.  There is still no one else about who can create music like Prince.

A bit a mixed bunch I am sure you will agree but these have all stood out for one reason or another.

I haven’t purchased that many albums this year which cannot be a good indication of music in 2012 as a whole.  In a year of economic trouble it seems that most music is formulaic and boring.  It’s great to recognise that there is really good music out there amongst the crap (as listed above).

I have created a Spotify playlist of my top ten – have a listen, let me know what you think!

*I am aware these songs may not have been released in 2012 but it’s when I discovered them.


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