Running away from this cold…

So the cold has gotten the best of me and I have not donned my running shorts since the Santa run.

I spent two days sleeping off the effects of this awful cold and am now only just getting back into the swing of things.  I have made it into the office the last two days but this is purely because I know this is my last two working days of the year!

I am not sure when I will run again – I want to get out before Christmas and hope that I may be able to squeeze in a run on Christmas Eve.  It’d be nice to get out there and to get some air into my lungs as I feel I have stagnated a bit since being ill.

I will definitely be continuing the running throughout 2013 and will be in the knowledge that I start the year as a runner with an enthusiasm for exercise and self-improvement – something I never  would have considered at the beginning of this year!

Within my first (half) year of running I have accumulated 409 km of running distance, logged 74 runs, ran my first 10k and my first 5k dressed as Santa.  Raised nearly £1,800 in sponsorship and found a whole new community of friends, followers and supporters.

I would never have imagined any of this being possible on the 1st January this year and am amazed, stunned and pleased with my success.

Now I need to find a 10K or two to sign up for in the New Year (sorry Enda it won’t be the Serpetine Dash on the 1st January!)

Here’s to a happier, healthier and possibly faster new year on the road 🙂

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