I could not have planned this if I tried!  Unknown to me I ran today’s run on the 13th (Jan), 2013 at 13:13.  Until two minutes ago I didn’t even realise today was the 13th!

Anyway I got out there and ran the longest run so far this year.

pacetrendOld friends such as pains in my calves and pins and needles in my feet have come back to welcome me into the new year.

As you can see my pace is increasing (as is my cadence) and although it looks slow on this chart (this includes the warm up and cool down), I did break 5 minutes today and ran at 4:58.

I covered 5.4k today which also makes me feel really happy as I want to get out for longer and run further.

Only problem is the weather… it was bitter out today.  I wore running tights, compression top, half zip top, running socks, hat, gloves and shorts and yet the wind still cut through them all.  It was 3 degrees out but felt like it was much much colder.  My weather app states it feels like -2 out.

Not to worry though, I started to really find my stride again and enjoyed my running.  I found myself smiling as I got two thirds of the way around, enjoying the running, happy I was breaking through the pain and pleased that I found myself back out on the road enjoying myself 🙂

Fastest track of this run was Silver Moon by Donkeyboy.  I know, another Donkeyboy track but that is because I have swapped my running list to the Donkeyboy album at present.  I have updated my running playlist on Spotify, pop by and have a listen!

Again there were a few people out running, or speed walking in some cases, which is encouraging to see.  At least the weather isn’t putting them off either.


I listened to my body today and although I planned to run a solid 30 minutes, the combination of cold air and wind meant I had to stop to catch my breath a couple of times.  Still I am very happy with todays run and I managed to beat the weather.  The snow is forecast to come across the UK tonight so at least I have managed to get a run in before everything freezes over!

Post run sustenance is festive as we have Christmas goodies to finish off so I have refuelled with my mums home-made fruitcake with marzipan and chocolate coating 🙂  Yummy!

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