When Two Become None

As you will have read I had two runs in quick succession this weekend and this is the first time I have achieved this.

Monday I felt fine (physically) and was surprised that I didn’t ache as much as I expected.

Monday mentally however was a very dark day as my mum had her operation and I spent the day brooding and worrying.

I had planned to run Tuesday but that don’t happen as I had an upset stomach and dizzy spells, so I decided to stay off. Have some time to sort myself out and regroup.

I returned to work today feeling much better but conscious of a neck/head pain I have had for about 10 days. One of my colleagues annoyed me by convincing me I may have glandular fever but by then I had already decided to get it checked out (especially as I wasn’t well yesterday). Turns out I have pulled a nerve in my neck. 😦

I didn’t ask if I should stop running but to be honest I have had the pain all the way through the runs I went on last week and I don’t believe it got any worse for doing them.

I am taking this however as signs of just generally being under the weather especially with all that has happened. This ultimately mean I have not been running since Sunday.

It’s a shame as the weather is glorious here today and although a touch fresh, it’s much milder than it has been of late.

Tomorrow is my last chance of getting a run in before next week as I am heading down to Devon to see my parents on Friday.

I’ll see how I feel tomorrow (I bet you it will rain) and see if I can squeeze in one elusive run this week!

*The thumbnail image is random but I searched Google for Drag Queen Spice Girls as it kind of fits the title the of this entry. This photo came up. I have no idea why but I’m not complaining :). Don’t believe me – Google it!



  1. Glad you went to get it checked out, typically that ONE person is a know it all…. Hope you feeling better tomorrow and take it easy. Ivan


    1. I’m ok thank you. Richard is much better and mum is resting but doing well. Heading home to see my folks tomorrow.


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