It’s back!  The sun, the warmth (kinda), the ability to go out in my shorts.

I hope this photo doesn't scare you!
I hope this photo doesn’t scare you!

I finally ditched the running tights for shorts and compression shorts (still not quite that warm).  What a difference it made.  It was 16 degrees and yes there were high winds of 26 mph but it didn’t matter.  I could breath, I was comfortable and I wanted to continue with the run.  The wind didn’t hinder me and I noticed my throat was filling up with crap and I managed to keep going..

It’s been so nice to finally get out in some good weather and to enjoy running again   Not only have I been out running but I got to use the garden to do my cool down stretches – this is a first this year!  I have forgotten what our back garden looks like!

I am trialling a new app called Gipis.  It popped up in Apples currently promoted running apps (cause of the London marathon this weekend) and it’s one of the only ones I have yet to try.

I ran it in conjunction with iSmoothRun as I do not want to loose all my logs etc that I have accumulated there.  Both apps seemed to work perfectly together and they seem to be pretty much in sync.

Gipis trains you so that you an tell it what you are running for and it comes up with a running plan, a calendar and some voice coaching to get you through each training session.  The voices didn’t work for me today but I am not sure if this was because I ran it behind iSmoothRun.  That said todays run is tagged as a general workout run so I guess there is no coaching at this stage.

It has my ability and it knows I am running the Richmond Park 10K in June (by the way I am running the Richmond Park 10K in June – did I mention that?). It then creates a running plan and guides me through each session, coaching me as I go an adjusting to what I actually achieve.

Todays 7K
Todays 7K

Early days for the app yet but it looks promising and it creates a new social network so you can follow and encourage (and compete) with fellow Gipis users.  I have been talking to the team behind it using the app and they seem like a friendly bunch.

It of course connects with Facebook and Twitter but I like that it also connects with Run Keeper and has imported all my current run data from there (which was recorded on iSmoothRun).

I was recommended to run 7.71K today by Gipis and this wasn’t my plan when I left the house but once I got going I found my strid.e  I did stop twice to take on water but carried on until I reached 7K and then walked back to the house.  I was a little under 7.71K and Gipis has already adjusted my next run.

This is great as it gives me some incentive and something to work towards, something that has been missing from my running of late.

I also managed to capitalise on the fact I did not commute into London today.  I decided to work from home to avoid the crowds at Margaret Thatchers funeral.  My office is just around the corner and London was already heavily locked down with barriers, extra police and security gates which were slowing down my journey across London.  As I write it looks like it all passed off peacefully but I am glad I didn’t have to do the commute today.  I used that time to head out a little earlier and to take advantage of the sunshine and the peace and quiet around here.

I found todays run a little hard work, my legs are sore and I got pins and needles in my feet but I continued.  I didn’t wimp out I simply got on with it and am really pleased with the 7K I clocked today.  This takes me level with the Nike Flyknit run I participated in, in London.  Todays run was quicker – but that’s probably because it didn’t involved impromptu raves, glow torches and flares!

Should I replace them?
Should I replace them?

I am trying to decide whether I need to replace my beloved Nike Lunarglide +4’s as the soles are starting to show some wear.  I noticed some of the pads are definitely much lower than they were but I wonder how much wear I can get out of them?  What do you think?

I don’t want to renew them now as I am on holiday next week and I plan to run in Spain along the promenade (which is a couple of kilometers there and back).  Thinking about it the mild temperature and the wind was probably the perfect practice for running along the beach next week…  I cannot wait.

Fastest track today was Alive by Empire of the Sun – and I certainly feel it after that run!

Someone did ask about what music I run too and I did post this running play list some time ago…  It is a little different on Spotify as not all tracks are on there but you get the idea.

I have created a fresher list of tracks from current favourite artists and have uploaded this today.  This is just the right tempo and length as the opening track is great for the warm up and cool down walk.

The selection may seem a little off the wall but trust me the tempo is just right.  Why not download it to your device and take it with you next tie you head out running?


9 thoughts on “Don’t Falter :)

  1. I marvel at all these apps that actually make our life’s more manageable on the shoes I would say go look at the stores and see what is available. Cannot go wrong with Nike but take Richard’s credit cards…… Enough about that holiday now…

    1. Hey I can afford to buy my own shoes 😉 I am wondering whether it’s time to retire them though… I will have to do it soon enough.

      Holiday, la la la, celebrate, la la la, Holiday, sun, la la la la, fun, holiday

      Oops sorry

  2. I never said you cannot buy your own shoes just thought you deserved a little present….. He. He. Seriously I would go look at shoes as they are very important that you have the correct balance, cushion, support and maybe your old ones do not need to replaced.. When I was in New Zealand they had a great Nike store. With highly trained staff and I must say that they really helped when I was looking for some shoes. Have not found that kind of expertise again… Okay now let me go…. Ivan.

  3. Oh in picture you looking fit and trim. Just need sun sun sun sun… Runs and hides.

    1. Thanks – I am pleased with my current physique, thanks for noticing. Yes I do need some sun. And you know what? I will get that WHILST ON HOLIDAY 🙂

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