janet. 20 years on…

janetrolling20 years ago Janet Jackson released janet. a career defining album and one that would change the shape of pop music for ever.

Janet had broken her way from her family ties with Control and put the world to rights with Rhythm Nation 1814, by janet. was the album that would change everything.

I sit here and moan about how people dote on the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna, but truth be known if it wasn’t for janet. they probably wouldn’t be here.

She (with the help of production geniuses Jam and Lewis) defined a generation and brought a new flavour of music to the masses.

From the moment the world heard the opening bars of That’s the Way Love Goes we knew things would change for ever.  Nothing as laid back or as soulful had hit the air waves and nothing like it had certainly never scaled to the top of the pop, R&B, dance charts.

In fact this was the great thing about janet.most struggled to pigeon-hole it as one form of music or another.

You had the infectious and raunchy if. The pop inspired and light Because of Love and the heart wrenching Again all spawned from the same album.

Other hits including You Want This were already pushing the envelope when released on janet.but the added rap mid section paved the way for listeners ears to tune into other great artists to follow such as Missie Elliot, TLC and Pink.

The content of the album was also very raunchy and risqué in places.  I remember hearing Janet interview by Dave Lee Travis on Radio 1 (I still have this on cassette) and he quizzed her about Throb.  Of course Miss Jackson insisted it was about “the throb of the music and the effect on you when you hit the dancefloor” but we all know that’s simply not the case.

Miss Jackson may have been innocent at the release of janet. but subsequent work prove that she is certainly nasty 😉

If you have never heard the album please get onto Spotify or iTunes and give it a go.  Forget any preconceptions about Janet and her family ties.  Forget about Nipple Gate. (Still one of the best marketed music events of all time – beat that Madonna!).  Just sit back, listen to the opening tones of Morning and let Janet take you through an escapade full of love, sex (safe-sex mind you remember to be a good boy), break up, heart-break and of course a healthy dose of voyeurism and PDA (anytime, anyplace).  

This is truly one of the best albums of the nineties and one of my all time favourite albums*

Oh and what can you say about that Rolling Stone cover – now that was groundbreaking…  I wonder if anyone would get away with all this these days.  It makes me feel that the world has definitely gone backwards somewhat.

*although I may have to change that quote if you insist on including Whoops now, but let’s not go there!


4 thoughts on “janet. 20 years on…

  1. Great post and she is one amazing singer. Good point about her opening the path for many other singers. Hope you have had a good day so far… Ivan

    1. She is and it’s should be noted as she’s very under rated and dismissed as “a Jackson”.

      It’s been nice so far. Hope yours is going well.

      1. The curse of the Jackson’s. she is definitely not given enough credit.. Ivan

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