A laze in the sun and a short fast hard run

Another sunny (but breezy) day makes this the perfect bank holiday Monday to go out and explore.

Richard and I sorted the house then decided to head out on foot for a walk to the local supermarket for provisions before heading off for a picnic.

We were going to Castle Park in Colchester but as we were near Mylands I suggested we walked to High Woods Country Park. When Paul (yes Guru Paul as hes become to be known on the blog), stayed at the house he discovered a route whilst out running, into the park from close by the house which means we can walk there in around 20 minutes.

There's loads of fields, farmland and paths to explore and we picked a sheltered spot amongst the buttercups to enjoy our alfresco dining.

It was lovely to see lots of other people out and about enjoying the weather and equally nice to see children out running around and riding their bikes – this seems like a lost art to some children these days.

When we got back I headed out for today's run and Gipis had me running a short run with fast splits. I thought today's run would be ok and was expecting to just go out there and do it but unfortunately I found it a little hard going.

I did the splits ok and ran the fast sections as advised but the main general pace sections were difficult and I found I had pain in the soles of my feet. I guess it was just one of those runs.

We did walk 6k today, I believe we did similar yesterday at Charlecote Park and at Woodbridge on Saturday so it's been a fairly active weekend.

On the way back yesterday I read through the plan I have opted to do for the half marathon and it talks about running at a rate scale of comfort and ability. This can also be measured in percentage of heart rate which lead me to consider getting a heart rate monitor.

I'm not sure if I will get one or not as today's run has me thinking about how I measure my activity or comfort. To be honest today was a challenge but when I get home I felt a little better. I wonder if the monitor will help me realise my potential and not to listen to my head or certain aches and pains. I'm not sure…

I did consult Guru Paul about this and he suggested maybe not getting one as its more tech to wory about. As the GPS failed Friday he has a point as it did put me off.

I think I will start the training and see how I go but I am not sure how to measure the difference between a steady run and a conversational pace… Maybe I need to get running with Paul a bit more to gauge exactly what that's like. Maybe this weekends 10k may help me pace myself better.

I am happy I have a running schedule for the Half Marathon now, this kicks off the week of the 10 June which is possibly one of the busiest weeks at work but I am determined not to let work get in the way.

Gipis has me running Wednesday with a fast 15 minute and slow 5 minute split which I am going to avoid as its the final work out run before the 10k on Saturday so again, at Guru Paul's advice I am going to go for a steady run on Wednesday and that will be it until race day.

I'm looking forward to this weekends race. I am not sure how I am going to keep up with Paul but I am sure we'll have a fun day.


8 thoughts on “A laze in the sun and a short fast hard run

  1. What a great day have you guys had today. I am more than positive that you will be great on Saturday ( hope that the day of the race). Ivan

      1. Will cross all I can and send you good vibes, good positive thought… Ivan

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