Zen teaches us…

Zen teaches that all things are impermanent, and existence is limited to just the present moment. In one respect, this makes a good deal of sense. What’s happened before is no longer with us. Nothing exists in the past. The past is simply a record of what existed during some present moment that is no longer. Similarly, the future has yet to be, and until it becomes the present, it contains things that only potentially but do not actually exist.

From “Zen and the Art of Running”…

Written by Keith

I am from the UK and live in the East of England. I have a keen interest in history, art, social media, marketing, photography (in all forms), and men! I am a keen runner and an alumnus of the British Academy of Photography. I've been lucky enough to have several photographs published in various publications and exhibitions around the world. I work in the City of London, love to travel, and I am always learning new things. Support my work by buying me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/continuousfocus


  1. VERY PROFOUND. the last sentence hit a note with me, live for the now. Lastly please don’t spray Paul Smith into your eyes. Had a good chuckle about that. Ivan

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