Runners you encounter in the UK

20130626-163926.jpgSpotted this on The Running Bug. Had to post it… Not sure I’m any of these runners although I have encountered many of those on the list.

1. The Poser

Fake tan/ make-up, super-styled hair, colour-coordinated matching running gear, I give you — The Poser.

2. The Singer

Probably the happiest of all the runners, The Singer bounces along roads and trails, belting out their favourite tunes which are blaring through their headphones, completely oblivious that to everyone else they sound like a very loud, out of breath cat.

3. Running Dad

This isn’t dads who run. Lots of dads run. This is the guy you see running and you think: “He LOOKS like my dad.” You know what we mean.

4. The Sweater

It’s a mystery why The Sweater chooses to wear a grey cotton T-shirt when he (let’s be honest The Sweater is normally a he – sorry guys) goes running. Watch out for The Sweater on narrow pathways where brushing bodies becomes unavoidable.

5. All The Gear No Idea

Decked head to toe in the most expensive shoes, shorts, and sunglasses, covered in sweatbands, carrying a protein shake, and hooked up to all the latest gadgets. The ‘all the gear no idea’ runner paints a pretty picture. But can they run? … not really.

6. The Hater

The Hater knows they should run to keep fit, lose weight, and generally be healthy. But The Hater HATES running. Look out for the tell-tale grimace, slumped shoulders, and longing look in their eyes for someone or something, anything, to put them out of their misery.

7. The Chatterbox

The chatterbox sees every run as an opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip, has a ridiculously large lung capacity, and can maintain a conversation even at high speeds, often to the infuriation of all their friends.

8. Mr/ Miss Competitive

Found lurking largely in public parks looking for unsuspecting runners to race up behind, overtake, and demonstrate their running superiority.

9. Lycra King/Queen

The Lycra King/ Queen loves wearing the tightest, stretchiest, lycra and little else. Is it for streamlining, compression, to show off, or a little bit of all three?

10. Forest Gump

Regular runners all know a ‘Forest Gump’. You may not have spoken to them – they rarely stop – but you’ll have seen them running, and running, and running…

11. The Older Runner

You think you’re doing really well, you’re on course for a personal best…. and then an 80-something-year-old sails effortlessly past you, smiling.


      1. just got back from 10 k… it is freezing over here with some 12º… would you believe that…? I hope the few days of sunshine hasn’t been the summer already…


      2. It’s crazy isn’t it. We are due to have rain tomorrow. I hope it cheers up. We all deserve a decent summer.


      3. it is this up and down that is killing all fun… up to 40º and now down to 12º… all within a couple of days… I will be going to the French Alps for a week or two… if it doesn’t get better… visit my friends and enjoy some sunshine…


  1. Ha! Love it!
    I like to pick people to catch up in races, but I never thought of hiding in the park to do it … perhaps that’s my task for next week 😉


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