20130721-092802.jpgPaul and I went to Somerset House last night to see Goldfrapp.

We booked the tickets ages ago and I must confess to not knowing many of there tracks (except the high pop chart stuff). I needn’t have worried though as they were brilliant live.

The band was incredibly tight, the set was awesome and Alison’s voice was amazing.

They’re sounded exactly as they do recorded and I was very impressed.


Of course I had no doubt that the doc very would be good as my new celebrity buddy Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light) told me so…

I came into London wearing a Bright Light x2 t shirt I bought ages ago but never wore before.

I tweeted about it and mentioned I was coming into London for Goldfrapp.
And then this happened…

But it gets better… Paul and I went to the retro bar to attend birthday drinks for a friend of his. We were busily chatting when I turned around and Rod Thomas was propped up at the bar behind us.

I had to double check it was him and plucked up the courage to say hello.

I spluttered something about the t shirts and how I wish I hadn’t changed. Shake his hand. Told him how much I love his album and that I’ve been an advocate of it since first hearing him sing.

He was very polite. Said thank you. Referenced the tweet conversation then proceeded to tell me how great Goldfrapp are live and to enjoy the show.

How cool is that!

Rod you made my evening!

So what a weeks it’s been for me. Photo snapped and used by the Pet Shop Boys. Dinner in the company of Will.i.am and a casual chat in a bar with Bright Light Bright Light 😉

8 thoughts on “Riding Bright Horses!

    1. I know I know. I’m staying away from central London in case they start following me home. Mind you Mr Bright Light can follow me home if he wants 😉

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