Because I’m Happy!


Well tonights run went better than expected.

I changed my night out to Tuesday to allow two days recovery from the long run on Saturday and it seemed to have paid off.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on this evening and thought I had bolted too quickly at the start of the run.

I needn’t have worried as the pace seemed to suit tonight and even though I was supposed to run a steady run I managed a steady 6:30 which is at least a minute faster than I have been running lately.

I am not sure if this is down to the training or the drop in temperature but I felt much better out on the road tonight.

I did use Nike to track the run tonight and have to say thanks to Enda, Ben and Charles for the cheers – that helped 🙂

It was wonderfully fresh out and the smells from the country were lovely to inhale en route.  There was a lovely cooling breeze too which was very welcome.  It’s much better than the really hot temperature we have had of late – although this is set to return tomorrow.

ImageI also had some great running related news this evening as I was approached by the team at The Running Bug who were looking for reviewers of running kit.  I answered their email and submitted a mini review no expecting to hear back.  I was wrong.


The Running Bug team contacted me today as asked me to join their team of reviewers 🙂  This is great news as it means I can add these reviews to my Review section and can test things I would not have normally thought about buying or trying.

I also get to keep any of the kit I get to test which is brilliant news!

It’s nice to think that my blog and my enthusiasm for running may have been acknowledged and has played a part in landing me this role with the team.  I am very honoured to have been asked and chuffed that I have been accepted.

Watch this space for future reviews!

If you don’t feel in such a positive mood then get over to iTunes or Spotify and play Happy from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack – it will guarantee to lift your spirits 😉

If you have not done so already please be so kind as to reward my hard work and sponsor me for the British Heart Foundation.

I will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October and all of this effort is to help me run the best race I can whilst raising as much money as I can for such a worthy cause.  Thank you in advance.


5 thoughts on “Because I’m Happy!

  1. Great post, and what a great opportunity to review stuff. Will try to do a donation over the weekend. Ivan

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