A wet run but a good run.

I was a little worried about running given the twinges I have had in my ankle/calf/knee but I have been doing some foam roller exercises and my physio said that my ham strings are very tight so he has given me some more intensive exercises.  This has seemed to have worked and I also think the quick spins around the block on the bike have helped to get things moving.

ImageThe weather report looked awful tonight with the prospect of possible thunderstorms.  There was a lot of cloud when I got off the train and by the time I got home and headed out to run it was spitting.  I am actually glad it was as it was very humid this evening and the rain helped cool down the temperature and brought with it a nice breeze.


I tried to ensure I didn’t go too mad as I was mindful of the twinges but I had nothing to worry about.   I found a very comfortable pace early on and as I was due to complete a conversational run I knew that I wasn’t heading out to break any records.

I also appeared to leave the house in a very positive mental state and was coaxing myself through the run in an easy and encouraging fashion.

The rain was actually refreshing and given the high temperatures we have had through the summer this was a welcome change (I won’t be saying that in autumn!).

I did my usual run out to the Avenue of Remembrance and back and felt quite smug as I over took all the drivers who were caught up in a snarl up of people trying to get into Colchester.

I did notice the Conkers are already in their shells ready to drop – autumn is definitely on the way.  I will no doubt be dodging those soon.

A good run and a reminder I can do this and I can be confident in my ability to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 6th (45 days away!).

I had a rush of sponsorship yesterday and I think that has mentally helped with my training too.  As you know I am running in aid of the British Heart Foundation and this is my first half marathon.  I’d really appreciate anything you are able to donate to my cause as it’s such a worthwhile charity and all those emails notifications and kind notes that come with the donations remind me how kind and charitable people can be.

If you’d like to share my sponsorship page please use this link: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/keithtomlinson – anything you can do to help me raise more money would be absolutely brilliant.

Thank you to all those who have sponsored me recently – it really does mean a lot.

I am not running now until Sunday and that will be the longest run of my training as it is scheduled for 10 miles…  I have a lesson on the bike on Saturday and we are decorating so it’s going to be a fairly active weekend.

Thankfully its a public holiday here so we get Monday off too.  🙂



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