27 days and 16 hours to go

ImageAnd £125 to my fundraising target.  

Todays training called for 6 miles and I decided to do it when we got back from our day out at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire.

I’m glad I did as I desperately needed a lie in as was still dog tired following all the activity of last week.

I also got to enjoy the best of the weather at Anglesey with Richard as it started to rain when we returned.

I ran on my old Lunarglides today and I can feel how they are starting to wear down – buying and breaking in new ones now was a shrewd move on my part.


I kept repeating 9.65 in my head (that’s 6 miles in kilometers) but ended up going to 10 as I enjoyed todays run so much.

ImageI had a few stops for traffic lights but even that didn’t stop my pace today which seemed to be very quick by the usual standard for an easy run.

I was a bit worried about running following a huge roast dinner but I had an hour or so between eating and running and felt ok for the majority of the run.

I didn’t get too wet and played around with the route again today.

This is the tapering of my training now and it gets much less from here as I planned all the training to be over before we got to Canada (which is in 7 days 🙂 ).  I will take kit to Vancouver and plan to run a couple 10Ks whilst there.  If you know of any great running routes in Vancouver or near Tofino please let me know.

I signed up for Elite membership in RunKeeper today which allows me to broadcast my activity on RunKeeper, Facebook and Twitter in real-time.  If you follow me on any of these services then please login when I am running the Royal Parks Half Marathon (or any training if you like) and you can see my route in real-time.

You can bookmark my profile here: http://runkeeper.com/user/trunkguy/

Remember all this hard work and training is because I am running the Royal Parks on behalf of the British Heart Foundation and am aiming to raise £1000, I am only £125 from my target.  Please help me reach my target!



      1. I’m not sure it’ll be that easy 😉

        I just need to concentrate on that I can do it and not get hung up on times etc.


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