Stretching is the core…

51I read a lot about running and there is always a lot of talk about your core and I wondered if I was doing enough to help build mine.

I stretch well and always ensure I am warmed up before a run and have a cool down walk and stretch routine straight after I finish running.  For the past 18 months this has served me well.

After getting Sciatica in my back I was unable to run and it took me ages to get back on my feet – to walk, let alone to run.

My physiotherapist has done wonders to get me back in shape and now my back pain is a distant memory.

As you may recount from previous posts I have been busy undertaking new stretches and exercises to help with my running and to ensure that my legs and back are strong enough to withstand the rigours of running – for me this is the core exercise that was missing.

When I started running; rest days meant not doing anything, since the start of the new year this has meant ensuring that I have completed stretches or exercises (nearly) every day.  Keeping a body of stretches together coupled with some exercises to help the muscle memory and to ensure that my legs and back are up to the task.

I am not planning any massive races or to be captain speedy but it is important to look after my body and I want to make sure I do the best I can for me.

I am not a physiotherapist or a doctor but I wanted to share the exercises and stretches that I now do and offer them to you as they may help you to.

I have therefore put a new page together which covers all over my stretches and exercises.  Enjoy!

Thanks for your comment!

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