A cold run and some fresh targets

A good run considering I have had a bit of a cold this week and I was in the car when it was rear ended!

I stuck with 7 mins + 1 mins x 3 as my routine – especially as this was my first run this week.

It was very cold and crisp out – I wore a mock base layer, my Omm Smock and my Buff to cover my mouth and nose.  It all seemed to help but I did clear a lot of rubbish off my chest.

I decided to loop around the roads where I live in an attempt to put in a good selection of uphill and downhill sections.  It was different to run this course and it broke up the segments nicely.

Although I haven’t been out running until today this has not deterred me from doing my new stretching and exercise routine from the Physio.  This has helped keep everything in check and has given my back and leg extra workout without the running.

The run was good and I am glad I have got out there.  Now to relax.


Follow my running progress on Garmin Connect.

I have some targets to work towards as well as I have signed up to a couple of races:

I am also going to apply for Royal Parks Half (again) and the London Pride 10K.  I hope I get places 🙂

Thankfully a mechanic came to the house today, has checked the car over and has repaired the damage – the car is now as good as new.

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