Tom Collins doesn’t like running…

I don't look that bad do I?
I don’t look that bad do I?

But I don’t mind.  Although it has to be said running the morning after the night before can be a little hard on the legs.

It’s also been over a week since I ran due to the trip to New York etc.  Yes we did do an awful lot of walking in NYC and I did some stretching but it’s not quite the same.

I ate and drank quite a bit last night (Tom Collins is witness), Richard and I enjoyed a lay in this morning and refuelled with bacon and cheese bagels (the New York influence is still there) so I had a pretty full stomach by the time I got running this morning.

It took a couple of days to get over the jet lag and the weather has been atrocious so I have not been out since we got back.  Today the weather is much calmer, cooler, sunny and a little breezy (no gales) so I got laced up and out the door as soon as I was awake enough (I did let my breakfast settle before heading out).

I decided to take the Garmin but again not pay any attention to it so tucked it away under my sleeve.  I ran at a pace that felt comfortable and stopped when I felt I needed to.  Remarkably considering my current form I managed 15 minutes of a pretty steady pace before I had to slow down.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.46.06As you can see there were two points where I slowed but this is good going considering my current running efforts.

I probably won’t get out to run this week as I have a global broadcast this week (very late nights and early mornings) and my week starts with a long day filming the head of the company so I know this week will be manic.  The best thing is I know that I have this coming up and I won’t torture myself for not running.

There are races booked in the calendar and once this week is out-of-the-way I can spend some more time concentrating on getting ready for those – at present only 10Ks so nothing major to plan for just yet (unlike my friend Paul who 3 weeks ago was invited to run the Brighton Half Marathon and is doing so today with minimal prep – but he is Captain Fit so he’ll be ok).

Paul gave me this wonderfully inspirational book called Running is Flying for my birthday and there are some great comments and quips that every runner would understand.  Some are sensible some are just plan (humorous) common sense.  My favourite quote being:

Ibuprofen may be more portable than ice,

but you can’t make a gin and tonic with Advil.

Possibly not the best quote to read the morning after the night before but it’s so true 😃  In fact next time I finish a half marathon I am going to ensure there is a long cold G&T waiting for me 😃

Before we went to NYC I went to the Doctor to see about my breathing as I have been suffering from bouts of snoring and Insomnia.  He gave me some steroid spray to try which I have been using just over a week.  I am not sure what effect it has had on my sleeping but my breathing didn’t suffer today during the running so I will continue to use it to see how I get on.

I did buy myself a Fitbit Force in NYC to track my sleep and will see how this goes now that I am back in the UK.  My sleep pattern has naturally been erratic since travelling as I have had different time zones to cope with etc.

I am very pleased with the Force and am much happier wearing it then the Nike Fuelband.  It gives so much more information and the feedback on the display and through the vibrating band is very useful and noticeable.  I am looking forward to the software upgrade which will make the band buzz and display phone numbers when calls are received on my iPhone.

I am not sure why the Fitbit Force is not available in Europe but I all admit I had trouble finding one in NYC – maybe they cannot make them quickly enough?

Do you have a Fitbit account?  Why not follow me?

You can also follow me on Garmin Connect

That’s enough rambling for now – whatever weather you have I hope you are all safe and having a great Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Tom Collins doesn’t like running…

  1. Hi from the US. I wanted to warn you that some people have gotten serious burns on their arms after wearing a Force for a few weeks. Google fitbit rash or check the 2600 posts on the fitbit ‘burned arm’ discussion forum. It doesn’t happen to everyone but people should take a look at the photos of blistered itchy burns which last for weeks and decide if they want to take the risk. Fitbit is minimizing the issue but the reaction is serious and it’s affected hundreds of people – more every day.

    1. Katy thanks for the information. I was aware of this when I bought it and have been monitoring the band and have not had any side affects. Thanks.

      1. I’m glad. Hope it doesn’t happen to you. If it does – check out the discussion forum ‘burned arm’ on the Fitbit site. Lots of tried and true advice about what to do … And not do. Good luck.

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