The New Braiswick Snot Rocket

Well today’s run started ok and then the gusty gale force winds hit me and I had to stop as it literally took my breath away.

I am unable to perform snot rockets and find them undignified (even when I cannot breathe), so just after 1K into the run I had to snot and perform the odd snot rocket to clear my nose and be able to get on my way.  Not dignified at all but as I was out early on a Sunday morning there was no one to witness this (why did I openly admit this, if I had kept quiet nobody would have known!).

It was blustery out and I decided to run without my beanie and gloves and opted for my cap.  I was warm enough once I got going but the weather was nowhere near as nice as it was yesterday.

I had read somewhere (probably Runners World) that it was good to mix things up with shoes and to run on several pairs so that you do not get too used to the same ones.  I thought I would try my New Balance 1260v3 Running Shoes as I have not really used them since I tested them for The Running Bug.  There is certainly more spring in them than my Nike Lunarglides and I started really fast (well it felt like it was) – I couldn’t however keep up that momentum and my legs told me to slow down quite quickly.

I set the beeps back on on my Garmin so that I could hear the km markers but did not use it to pace or check anything else.  I literally found a satellite signal (which increasingly seems to be taking ages) and got on my way.

I had a few moments where my calves (especially my right one) decided to bark at me so I walked and used this opportunity to catch my breath.

ImageI wasn’t going to be defeated though and purposely ran a different route away from the house as I knew I would have to run back.  This tactic paid off as I had a much more varied route today and tripped over the 5K target.  In fact I don’t want the 5K target to become a barrier so I will now run 6 or 7K as my target and be happy with the results at the end.

Ultimately it feels like my confidence is back to what it was and I simply need to build up the power in my legs and back again to keep going.  This is the most I have done in weeks (ran Friday, stretches and band exercises yesterday, long walk on the beach (if that counts), yesterday and this run) – so I should not be too hard on myself!th whatever I achieve at the end.  After all this all ends up getting me back to 10K and the Richmond race for April.

Why not follow my progress and connect with me on Garmin Connect.
You can also connect with me on FitBit (thanks to those who told me about the Force, mine isn’t causing me any problems therefore I am not going to return my Force).

2 thoughts on “The New Braiswick Snot Rocket

    1. Thanks – yep feeling on top of it again now – just have to get the last of the crap winter weather out the way so I can enjoy the runs properly again.

      Have a good Sunday.

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