Mixed Emotions

Today has been an odd day – I think I am over tired as I seem to be in a bit of a fuzz.

I started the day ok, spent the train journey reading When Fraser Met Billy, left Colchester in glorious sunshine.  I then arrived in a grey gridlocked London and my mood shifted and I have been a bit off most of the day.

Royal Parks LogoThe Royal Parks announced the results of the Half Marathon ballot today and I received my email as I stepped off the train.

I had to read the mail twice to be sure but sadly the news was not great.  I have not  got a place in this years Half Marathon.  I don’t feel that bad now though as several friends who applied also missed out this year.

You may recall I did not get a place last year either but ran for the British Heart Foundation.

I have decided not to take up a charity place this year as I have spent my first 2 and a half-year of running, entering most of my races raising money for needy causes.  I have done very well and have raised several thousand pounds.

It’s because of the number of races and the amount I have raised that I have decided not to pursue a charity place this year as I do not want to pester my friends and family into sponsoring me again.  It’s a big ask to have people you love and know give you money to do something you enjoy and I think I have asked enough for now.

I have done my bit, I am very proud of my achievements, I simply won’t do it this year.

I shall however continue running and adding races into my diary which I hope to get places for without the need to raise cash.  Some in most cases take your sign up fees as a charitable donation so even in this small way I am already giving back.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 18.48.23I started reading When Fraser Met Billy yesterday and morning and to my delight, I finished it on the train coming home this evening.

It is such a beautiful book which really brings home the spirit and struggle of raising an autistic child.

Yes it’s sentimental and yes it features a cat (which presses my buttons) but I don’t care.  The book is well written and the struggle the family went through is very hard to imagine.  I am in awe of how Frasers family have coped (especially his mum) and praise any parent who has to struggle with autism in their children.

It was lovely to hear how Billy the cat brought about such a turnaround in the families fortunes and Fraser’s development.

The book had only just covered Billy being adopted and I started to well up!

It’s been far too long since I have had a booked that I wanted to read and wanted to finish and I even treated myself to an evening of reading last night (which is rare).

Billy the rescue cat rescued Fraser from his predicament and I wish him and his family all the very best for the future.

Buy the book on amazon now!

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