And all good things they say, never last…

ImageWhy is it things never seem to be built to last or have problems?

I wore a Nike+ Fuelband for ages and racked up 2 million fuel points.  I actually got bored with wearing it and the motivation to runs as already in place.

On the way out to New York I decided to purchase a FitBit Force because I liked the look of it and I liked the forthcoming functionality which would display any incoming phone number on the device and vibrate to alert you that you had a call.

Sadly this was a short-lived relationship which is a real shame as I did enjoy wearing my Force.  To be honest the most useful feature was the alarm which vibrated to wake you up when you set it (unlike the new Up which wakes you up when it thinks it’s time).

Fitbit had a small number of people reporting skin allergies and they decided to undertake a voluntary recall of the product.

I was a little miffed by this as I hadn’t had it very long but did notice my skiing got very sweaty when I was very active – although no rashes etc appeared.

Anyway  contact Fitbit for advice and that’s where a very long drawn out journey began as the company hadn’t thought about people purchasing the device in America and moving to another country (!).

As the Force was only sold in the States the web site only allowed you to enter America or Canadian address details so I had to phone FitBit and had to wade through weeks of emails to get some sort of answer.

Eventually it came, Fitbit seemed to wake up and opened a return centre in the UK.  By the time this happened there were more reports of skin allergies and Fitbit in the UK recommended that you stop wearing the Force.

Today the parcel arrived and my Force is now packaged up ready for posting back.  Sadly for Fitbit this has happened quite early in the devices life span and no alternative is available.  I have been promised a full refund ($140) which I will get in around 6 weeks time.

It’s such a shame as it was a nice device, I didn’t notice it on my wrist and it seemed to be lighter and hold more power than the Nike Fuelband.

It was also nice knowing my alarm would only disturb me and when I woke up in the night I could check the time without turning over to see the alarm clock.

I have thought about getting the Garmin Vivofit as it has now been released for sale but this has no back light (so no checking the time on it in the dark) and no alarm functionality 😦

Looks like I am back to loud alarms and not tracking my activity… Not that the latter is an issue.  I average 18,000 steps on a week day and about 16,000 at the weekend so I know I am active enough.

I enjoyed the sleep tracking – which is why I bought it but that in itself can be self-defeating.  I know I have had bouts of insomnia.  I know I have been waking up routinely around 3 am.  I know I wake several times and take ages to get back to sleep.  Do I need an electronic device to tell me this?

How does it know I am asleep anyway?  Just because I may not move does not mean I am asleep – how does it know I am not lying awake in the night?

It’s a nice idea to track sleep but I am not sure how these devices really help apart from telling you when you went to bed and woke up (or basically when you pressed the start and stop buttons!).

Anyway it looks like I have another online profile I won’t use again!

This was a birthday treat with all the money I generously received for my 40th – hopefully I’ll get the refund as promised but now I have to decide what I want as a replacement…

Oh and on the subject of things that don’t last don’t get me started on the new Worn GAP jumper I bought two weeks ago which I wore to work twice and has already developed a hole!


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