Next stop Richmond!

photoAfter all the worries and concerns about reaching 10K next weekend in Richmond Park I am sure I can do it given my performance today.

I am not sure I will be as fast as I was last time but I am happy I can make it to 10K as I made it to 8K this morning and enjoyed the run.

Garmin will show that the pace fluctuated, this was mainly due to my breakfast deciding to make a reappearance briefly at the start of the run!  Thankfully once I had composed myself I got on with it, found a pace and kept going.

All the mental tricks I had learnt before came into play and this helped me focus my efforts and ability on the run.

I have pushed myself back up to 8K in only a couple of weeks considering that I was struggling around 5K for ages after the winter lull.  Now, as I said, I am confident I can push on past the mental 8K barrier and complete next weekends 10K race.

I will probably fit in one small run around the block this week but will concentrate my efforts on stretching this week to ensure I am in tip-top condition for Saturday.

The weather is lovely here this week, I hope it is wherever you are.  Enjoy your weekend! (And to all the mums reading this – have a lovely Mother’s Day).

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