Wind and Rain? No longer in Spain…

ImageFirst run back in the UK since our holiday and the weather is more what I am accustomed to – wind (gusty) and rain.  Mind you that is a typical back holiday weekend too.

Garmin Connect tags me as having another fast run so the good thing is regardless of the weather or the terrain I have maintained the speed I got from running in Spain last week.

In fact I was slightly faster today but I had to stop once as I was nearly ill at the begging of the run as the wind literally took my breath away and whilst trying to compose myself my breakfast very nearly made a reappearance.

All things considered I am very pleased with the way I have handled the run today and may even get out again tomorrow.

I am enjoying these speedy 5Ks and the music is giving me the boost I need – although I need to work on the playlist as a few tracks annoy me and get skipped (which must be counter productive to be focussing on changing songs mid run).

I have tried to use iTunes to create a new playlist (as Nike+ links to it) but I find it odd that I am now streaming so much music through Spotify that the new music I have downloaded isn’t accessible through iTunes as I have not bought it – this is something new for me

It would be great if Nike and the other apps were able to connect to the music in Spotify but to be honest I do not think Apple would open that up.  I am not sure how much development Nike will put into this kind of thing now anyway, especially after the news that they have laid off the people who work on Fuelband.  Makes you wonder what Nike and Apple have got cooked up doesn’t it?

It’s a shame though as the Fuelband was a pioneering device – it opened this world of fitness tracking and personal development that simply didn’t exist before.

Todays heart rate

Talking of fitness devices my Garmin heart rate monitor is recording me at 96% of my threshold which means I am working myself hard and it feels like there is more energy and effort going into these runs than the ones before.

I still have to get to grips with the heart rate monitor though – I am starting to gain all this information but am not quite sure what to do with it…  help!

This also feels like one of my most active weeks too – 😃  It’s all good isn’t it 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.22.47

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