Damn my tongue!

ImageTodays run was hard work.  I got just over 5K but I am amazed I got so far.  I very nearly called it a day before I had even reached 2K.

The problem is I awoke with a sore throat on Saturday but it felt more painful and isolated that normal.  Yesterday I realised it was not my throat but an ulcer underneath the back of my tongue which catches my tooth (which is how I probably got it).  It bloody hurts.

Trying to breath through my mouth was painful as my ulcer would catch my tongue and would cause me to get bunged up – this would fill my sinuses with crap and I’d be unable to breathe.

I stopped after 2K and undertook the old snot rocket manoeuver and pushed on – after 3K it felt much better and I slowed my pace right down to ensure I did not over do it.

It’s damn annoying though as I was really looking forward to this run and something as simple as an ulcer was enough to bugger it up.

This runs as going to be hard work anyway as we went down to Devon to see our families this weekend.  We had a lovely time but driving/sotting for a collective 14 hours in two days takes it out of you.  Thankfully I worked from home today so Richard and I managed a lie in to get some energy back – although saying that we were still up and about at 6:45.

I very nearly didn’t get out for a run as I was about to leave the house when a massive thunder-clap erupted and it chucked it down.  I waited for the storm to pass and headed out with my packable Nike running jacket but to be honest I didn’t need it – it was simply too warm and I ended up running back with it undone flapping around me which annoyed me somewhat.  I have yet to find an ideal situation to run in a rain jacket – you might as well get on with it and enjoy the rain!

Oh well I got the run completed and past the 5K mark so whatever the situation in the run I enjoyed it and run one is struck off the diary for this week 🙂

I have complained to Garmin today – ever since they launched Garmin Express it has never worked.  I can only sync my runs via the web site.  What is the point of the app?  I have uninstalled and update the app several times and am plain fed up of the error messages I get.  Does anyone else have this problem? (I am using the Mac version).

Don’t forget you can connect with me on Garmin Connect, Strava and say hi on The Running Bug.

5 thoughts on “Damn my tongue!

  1. The ulcer sounds horrible, but at least you got your run in. I haven’t used the Garmin app and just upload my runs directly to the website. I have noticed that it doesn’t show my splits when I compare workouts these days. Not a big deal really, but it would be a useful feature if it worked.
    Hope your ulcer sorts itself out soon. 🙂

    1. It’s annoying isn’t it. They change an app but the functionality seems to suffer 😔

      Thank you. Hopefully in a day or two it’ll subside and I’ll be back to normal.

      As you said at least I got the run in 😃

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