No Numbness But Some Smoke

IMG_7714That’s right, no numbness in todays run because I decided to re-lace my shoes and make sure they were tied looser at the base of my foot towards my toes.

I remember when I bought my Lunar Flyknits that there was a small amount of pinching in the little toe of my right foot and I think tying the shoes just a bit tighter was what was causing the issues.  My calves still felt tight today but I completed the run with all the feeling in my foot and my toes (no numbness).

I did this extra run just to test that theory really so didn’t push myself too hard or too far and completed two laps and 4K – good enough for a day off!

Sadly I chose to run during a sunny Sunday afternoon which can mean only one thing in the UK – barbecues.  I dread to think how much knock off, shop bought, own brand Nando’s Piri Piri or Jerk Chicken sauce I have inhaled.  I imagine it will be a neighbourhood of dicky tummys tomorrow.

I’ve never understood the fascination when the skies are clear and sunny to fill the air with acrid smoke and fumes – what’s the point?  Can anyone actually taste food that’s barbecued or are we a nation who have grown accustomed to the taste of smoke?

At least my run got me away from the neighbours two doors up the road – loads of homes around us have children and you don’t hear them.  In this one house though you constantly hear the boy shout Daddy every two seconds and this is met with the daughter screaming.  There also seems to be some pre world cup dick swinging going on as a number of gardens now have inflatable goalposts so that little Oliver, Connor or Samuel can practice to be the next Wayne Rooney – poor bastards.  Who’d want to be that ugly?

As I type I am sat in the garden resisting the urge to turn Bright Light Bright Light up to the max because that makes me no better than the rest of them.  Instead I shall think calm thoughts, be proud of todays running achievements and enjoy the pineapple, mango, banana, orange, honey and oat smoothie I just made myself as a post run treat.

I have found some additional exercises to do for my knees and my calves and will ensure these are completed daily to build up the resistance in both.  Hopefully this coupled with the new lacing will sort the problem with my right foot.

I keep forgetting to mention that the longer distances and routine runs have given me an added benefit – I have dropped a waist size 😀 .  I am now wearing size 30 waist trousers which I have not done for years.

If anyone wonders why I run it’s simply because it helps clear and focus my mind, improves my body and boosts my confidence – go on give it a go!

Remember you can follow all this activity on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.


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