Hot and hilly 6K

20140606-205849-75529074.jpgToday has been glorious – I have been so fortunate I have not had to commute today and have managed to enjoy a lovely day at home.  Of course I spent most of it in the study working but I have capitalised on the lovely weather by getting all the washing etc done.  It was also a lovely day for a run.  Hot but with a nice cool breeze and plenty of sun.

I wasn’t sure what my plan was when I left the house but decided to use an old extended route rather than loops this time and to do at least 6K.

There is a rather large hill just left of where we live and I have not run that route in a long time.  I decided to rekindle the hill running and simply get on with it.

To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed the run and I think the change in scenery made all of the difference.

I had a slightly new issue today though as I wore a brand new pair of Nike running socks which I purchased yesterday.  I bought them as I got soaked on the way to the station and stopped in Liverpool Street Station at the sports shop for some dry socks.  It was cheap socks in bundles or one pair of running socks for the same price.  I decided to go with the running socks as I would use them again.

This is what I had to resort to to dry my shoes!

As you can see from the photo I had to find a solution to dry my shoes and thankfully the Dyson hand drier was  up to the task!  The trick is to leave a lace dangling in the drier so that it keeps going 😃  Not sure how hygienic it was but it worked (and in an office devoid of radiators and heaters that was my only option)

Anyway I thought Nike socks in Nike shoes were a match made in heaven.  Wrong!  Today and only today my right toe was sore and it wasn’t until I got home i realised the socks are so thin on the toe box that my big toe was rubbing against the Flyknit material of my shoes – I won’t be wearing them running again!

Thankfully there is no damage to my foot – no blisters or anything which is good.

It’s now two weeks until the Hatfield Forest 10K which I am running with Enda.  I am going to continue training at this pace and distance for the next week then will complete the training the week before with one short run.  I am sure this is enough to get me around the course.

I ran in my Royal Parks Half Marathon t-shirt today and it felt good to be able to wear such an item with pride knowing I completed the course last year.  I guess deep down this may have helped me with my form as I seemed to have gotten on pace pretty quickly (well apart from the start where it didn’t feel like I was going that fast but I was over a minute and a half faster at the start which let’s face it; is not great!

Anyway this was a good run and I feel great for doing it.

I plan to squeeze in another run on Sunday – I think I will sleep well Sunday night as I am also accompanying Richard on the golf course as his caddy on Sunday afternoon 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

Take a look at my training on Garmin Connect, Strava or The Running Bug – I don’t discriminate!

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