Todays run had it all…

Watch out for the football and rabbit obstacles!

No it really did…

I was going to run 5K and include a bit of the wood – I told myself that would be good.  I also told myself a 6K run would be great.  I actually ran 7K including the wood and the odd quick micro stop in the route.

On the first lap I headed around the corner by the apartments at the end and a little boy was out playing football with his mum.  He kicked the ball ahead of me and it left the open gate and headed down the hill.  Mum was quick to stop her running into the road so I chased after the ball and returned it.  I don’t mind this extra mini loop as the mum said thank you.

I decided to add a loop of the meadow as one last test before Hatfield Forest 10K on Sunday.  Thankfully it wasn’t as slippery as I had anticipated (we had a little bit of rain today) and the paths seemed to be much clearer this time except… for all the rabbits.  Most of the rabbits scampered way before I got to them but one little fella just stayed out on the path munch away until I was right on top of him.  We saw a fox (a lame one) on Saturday and this poor bunny would be easy pickings even for a lame fox so I stopped and shouted at the bunny to scare him into the hedges.  Sounds cruel but hopefully this small cation may save his life!

Coming out of the wood felt tough and I had not reached 3K by this stage but I persevered back onto the road.

IMG_7865I soon found a rhythm and a couple of metres later I realised that I had found a comfortable (my steady) pace and was in a good place so I kept going.  I didn’t think about the route and I didn’t have any thing to trouble me (the occasional wind, no pain in my shoes etc) – I was so happy I decided to carry on until 7K and told myself that this was the perfect run ahead of the race on Sunday.

I don’t think I will be the quickest and I am sure Enda will be ahead of me this weekend but to be honest it does not matter.  Sunday is my first 10K race of the year and also my first 10K trail run so it will be a new experience and I will be happy simply to finish.

Today’s run included trail, road, mud, small animals, avoiding cars, pedestrians, hills, footballs, ever grown tress etc – I think that’s more than enough preparation from Sunday.

I am pleased with my efforts today as I have not ran since Friday and Richard and I spent 14 – 15 hours in the car this seeking travelling to Plymouth and back.  Not the most active of weekends!

I’m in a good head space and looking forward to the race at the weekend.  I have a small interval session planned Wednesday and I may squeeze that into my lunch break to ensure I cannot run too long or go too far 🙂

Take a look at my training on Garmin Connect (what have they done to the web site!), Strava or simply say hello at The Running Bug.

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