Like the Wind

IMG_7888I have just finished reading Like the Wind magazine and must say I am very impressed.

It’s not your run of the mill running magazine – its curated by runners for runners.

Choc full of inspiring running stories and tales this is a delight to read and a magazine I did not want to put down (or finish).

The combination of very personal stories couple with unique illustrations (also created by runners) or personal photographs from the authors makes for a rich experience.

So much of the magazine inspired and moved it that there is simply too much to document here.

This is only the second edition (I have now ordered the inaugural edition) but I feel they have a winner on their hands.

The creators run the magazine as a not for profit, putting all extra revenue (once they have paid their bills) into charities that have been nominated by the readers.

It’s so great to read something so fresh and not at all doctored or manipulated by advertising revenue or bought for product reviews.

Why not have a read of the magazine for yourself – who knows, you may feature in a previous edition of Like the Wind .


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