Well it’s a bit corny as Kelis is promoting her new album Food but this was the most nourishing concert I have been to in ages.

Candice, Paul, Enda and I met after work, had a bite to eat then headed over to Somerset House where we grab a drink from the bar and got a good spot near the stage.

Thankfully the weather was nice and a breeze from the Thames helped to cool the summer evening humidity.

We were enjoying ourselves so much by nattering and people watching (Candice observed all the men in the crowd were gay (and most of the women)) when the support act sprung out of nowhere. We all jumped but were entertained by her (forget her name, apparently she’s in the too ten but that means nothing to me these days).

Kelis came on stage about 45 minutes later and she was one hell of a presence on the stage. Billowing in her Dolce and Gabbana dress she looked stunning.

She surprisingly opened with the standard Feeling Good but lead us into the opening track of Food.

What followed was a glorious cornucopia of music from her entire back catalogue but all skilfully and beautifully reworked into her current jazz funk style.

The new songs were an absolute dream to hear live (especially Rumble and Jerk Chicken but the old favourites worked equally as well.

Rearranging Bounce, Milkshake (which Enda missed as he’d popped to the little boys room), 4th July and Acapella were brilliant.

This show seems to have given Kelis more openness and looseness to her performance which I have not seen before. Nothing was overly stage managed and she even got out a note book to remind her of lyrics from obscure material.

The crowd was brilliant and everyone was dancing and singing. We made some new friends last night and Enda met his future wife.

Of all the concerts we have been to I’ve held aloft a cigarette lighter (mainly as I don’t smoke), but last night during a group hug we all held up our phones and shone the torches in recognition of Kelises beautiful voice whilst singing Lil Star.

My videos snippets etc don’t do the show justice but it will help me remember such a beautiful evening.

Oh and a personal achievement for all of us… Our group self I made it onto the massive concert screen 😃

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