Thunderous FARTLEK

IMG_8209The plan was to get up early, utilise my commute time (working from home) and run so that I beat the heat of the day (forecast is for 30 degrees).

This worked for about half of the run… I got out of the house around 6:15 and it was glorious and sunny – very humid but sunny.

I got into an even pace quite soon and at 1K put my foot down to do FARTLEK sections.  The plan was to run 20 minutes FARTLEK and finish with a further steady 1K.

As I was running I noticed it was a little grey in the distance the wind had cooled.  On my second approach back to the house the weather tureens dramatically, the sky went pitch black, the street lights came on and I knew that I would get soaked if I didn’t put my foot down.

I decided to ignore the remainder of the FARTLEK section and put my foot down sprinting as far and as fast as I could to make it home dry.

I pushed really hard and had to put on the brakes as I was at the edge of my limits and the humidity was not helping my breathing. 

As I approached the house Richard had his head out the hall window looking at the storm – I made a comment that I saw it coming and as I did thunder and lightening cracked overhead and it started to rain.

Glad I managed to miss this
Glad I managed to miss this

I managed to do my stretches outside in the first few spots but soon after the heavens opened and we were very much in the eye of the storm.

Thankfully for me I got to observe it from the comfort of the bathroom whilst cleaning my teeth and not whilst out running – I would have honestly have gotten soaked through to the core.

I was pleased with the run though and happy I got a second run in this week – we are off this weekend so not chance of another run.  It wasn’t a big distance today but hopefully this sprinting and proof I can when I need to is evidence and will work towards a faster time at the Pride 10K.

Have look at the run on Garmin or Strava and say hi over on The Running Bug.

Have a great weekend!

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