Faster than a speeding bullet..?

Captured mid run - honest!
Captured mid run – honest!

Well it certainly felt like it today.

I wasn’t sure I was going to run as I had a bit of a twinge in my back and left work with a headache.  I was determined to get out and at least manage an easy run – I simply don’t know what happened when I put on my trainers!

After waiting an eternity for my Garmin to find a signal (again!), I headed off down the drive and went the opposite way to normal.  I decided I was too used to the route and knew when I would reach the lap markers so I thought I would mix it up.

Part way into the run I realised that I mis calculated and would have added lots of hills which wasn’t part of the plan.  I made the decision to run some loops, head back to the house and keep a good pace.

I changed my Garmin from showing last lap pace to average pace and I am not sure if this helped but the faster pace on the watch seemed to spur me on.

I was happy with my speed and made it to 3K relatively easily so decided to keep my foot down and push as hard as I could until I reached 5K.

It was a cool great evening (I missed the rain) and I simply enjoyed every minute of tonights run.  Yes my legs were sore, yes my chest was a little tight and my breathing was heavy but it was all controlled and measured.  There was no pain in my back either and the ache in my legs was equal in both so I had no mental reason to think there wasn’t anything wrong or I was doing any damage.

Upon arriving home I made my way to the back garden and grabbed a milk chocolate shake from the fridge which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I completed my stretches and then had a vigorous hot and cold shower ro revive my aching limbs.

I am not sure what gave me the energy or the drive but I hope I can tap into it again as I really enjoyed myself today.

Sadly I don’t think I beat my 5K PB (although that was never my intention), but if I can keep this up at least once a week,I am sure I will see speed improvements and a new PB very soon.

UPDATE Just checked my Run Keeper account and I have improved my average weekly pace – I knew tonights run felt fast and now I have proof 🙂

Proof of my new found speed :)

I have been looking around at races and am not clear which ones I want to do – I do however have an interest in the Southwold Adnams 10K which I have convinced my friend Enda to run with me (actually he took very little convincing).  It’s a smallish race with a field of 500 so please keep everything crossed for us – hopefully we will manage to secure a place when ballots open on Thursday afternoon!

My only concern is that the race is in the middle of November which means it will definitely be cold and probably wet and Southwold is high on the coast, running alongside the North Sea.  Definitely a run to be completed in layers!

Doesn't Paul look like he's having fun (nice socks mate!)
Doesn’t Paul look like he’s having fun (nice socks mate!)

Take a look at my run on Garmin Connect or Strava.  Why not sign up to The Running Bug and say hi!

On a separate note my very good (and very fit) friend Paul is now working for Cancer Research UK.  He took the brave step to move from a big global business to the third sector and is throughly enjoying his move.

What he failed to tell me (until today when he sent me the link), was that he has done a bit of modelling for the new Stand Up to Cancer Shop which launched online today.

I honestly laughed out loud in the bus queue when I saw the photo of him in this rather fetching onesie – mainly because it was a surprise.

I am proud of his charitable work and thought it was a worthy mention.

Why not pop by the shop, check out Paul in his Onesie and make a purchase – this all goes to a great charity.  Who knows, you too could look as caper as Paul in this little grey number 😉

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