A mixed blind run (whatever that means!)

Happy Bunny (avoiding the bunnies!)
Happy Bunny (avoiding the bunnies!)

I have been battling with my Garmin finding a signal at the start of my runs and today was no different.  6 or 7 minutes of standing on the drive and I finally got to get going.

I’ve noticed there is usually a 10 metre discrepancy between Garmin and Nike so started both together as usual to see if this was still the case.

Annoyingly I wasn’t even through my first kilometre when my Garmin lost satellite signal.  I don’t believe it has done that before and it took ages to reconnect.  I didn’t let it trouble me and decided to revert to my Nike Running/iPhone screen to get a gauge of my distance.

I’m bloody annoyed that an expensive watch such as my Garmin can lose connection and take so long to reconnect.  It wouldn’t be bad if we lived in a built up area but we don’t – there are lots of clear open skies here so I really do not see what the issue is with connection.

Anyway I decided to run 6K today and took myself out of the comfort of New Braiswick Park and along Avenue of Remembrance as air’s long, flat and runs along the local farm.  I was tracking my kilometres and not worrying about my pace etc as this information was out of whack on my watch.

The run as logged by m Nike+ Running App
The run as logged by m Nike+ Running App

At 4K I decided to turn around and made the decision that once I reached 5K I would go through the stye and head through Cymbeline Meadows and onto Charter Wood which is opposite the house.

This was a great plan as I mixed up the terrain and the final 1K was much rougher than my normal route.  Thankfully there were no cows to dodge this time but there were plenty of magpies and rabbits to avoid!

Cymbeline Meadows, Colchester
Cymbeline Meadows, Colchester

I enjoyed todays run even though I was let down by my Garmin – as technology goes it annoys me more than most.  I have had a replacement due to it not switching off and I am constantly having problems getting a signal.  I wonder what it is you actually pay for!

Take a look at my run on Strava and Garmin Connect (spot the bit where there was no signal!), then take a look at Nike+ Running to see the actual route and effort (give or take the odd metre!).  Don’t forget to sign up and say hello over at The Running Bug.

Charter Woods, Colchester - Spooky Innit!
Charter Woods, Colchester – Spooky Innit!

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