Nipples that can cut glass!


No you can't see my nipples!
No you can’t see my nipples!

The rain did not stop until this afternoon which meant I did not get out for a run yesterday as I had planned therefore I went out tonight after work.

Although the rain had subsided it was cold and very windy tonight – in fact it felt more like late autumn than late summer.

I was a bit sore upon leaving tonight and started not sure if I would manage 5K at all.  I kept the motivation up though and decided to run loops due to the weather and how I was feeling.

In no time I found myself completing 3K and was happy that i would make it to 5 – although I knew I wouldn’t be as fast as I was last week.

Despite the wind and the cold it was a good run and I managed o push quite hard considering.

I wore my normal summer gear but realised that my nipples were rock hard due to the cold – thankfully this was only a short run so there was no fear of getting runners nipple but I certainly must have looked a sight!

Happy that I got and run tonight – Thursdays run (if all goes to plan) will be in London during my lunch break.

Check out the run on Garmin Connect (which behaved itself tonight), Strava or The Running Bug.

Please vote for me in the Blog section of this years Running Awards (I am just going to keep asking until you do 😃  )

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