Perfect evening for a run…

IMG_8709Not it was honest – it was sunny and warm with a cool breeze perfect.

The sun was just setting as I set out and I could see the moon which made for an interesting view.

I wasn’t due to run tonight as I was going to a concert this evening but sadly that didn’t happen so I made the most of the free evening and went for a run.

I pushed myself harder than I did on Monday and even though I had delays getting home on the train again, I did complete 5K (unlike Monday).

I took the route left from where we live and up the steep hill away from home – I used this as the basis for a repeat loop which meant I had half a run of hard up hill and half of faster downhill with flat at the end and that seemed to level things out really well.  A complete run set up if you like.

It’s been a mentally tough week this week and I had to scrum to get on the train and my knee was a little sore on the train home.  Regardless of all this tough I pushed on and once I got into my stride I forgot about the mental issues of this week and the physical quirks seemed to dissipate too.

I really really enjoyed tonight’s run – the pace was good, it was a little tough and I was breathless in stages but I enjoyed it.

Check out the tracking on Garmin, Strava or say hello on The Running Bug.

I am going take two days off from running and run the Colchester Park Run again on Saturday.

Happy running everyone!

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