For Brandy x

I’ve been awake all night
I’ve been up since two
It’s really tough to say
Just how much I miss you

I wish and hope
For just one more day
To sit and cuddle
For some fuss, some play

But you’re gone now
It’s very hard to take
The decision we made
My heart does break

I know it’s for the best
We’ve done the right thing
We really didn’t want to see you suffering

You’re asleep sweet princess
You’re now at peace
I just hope this pain of ours will ease

We’ll remember you fondly
I hope you of us too
Say hi to Jerry
Brandy don’t ever forget

We love you.


  1. Playing around on the web I linked over to your site via “Rambling Redhead”.
    Brandy looks to be nearly the twin to my cat Dagney. My heart goes out to you. Dagney had a great 15 years before her quality time was over. I can so relate to your loss. After a year I still grieve.
    Just know you did the right thing in taking Brandy out of her suffering. The pain stays with you, but time does help ease it some.


    1. Jamie thank you for the very kind comment. Sorry to hear about your loss. Many thanks for writing. I’ll heed your advice. I’m sure Dagney was very happy with you as Brandy was with us. Take care x


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