Tough hilly run

The challenge with my parents living at the bottom of a valley is finding a kind route to run out of it.

I decided to run another Moov training session to improve my cadence and after a stalled start I managed to find my rhythm and get on track with the training (unlike the weekend at home).

I ran several loops to avoid the school kids going to school, the traffic and hols and was happy with the four interval sessions.

Afterwards I switched to normal running and completed just about 3k today as I was a bit sore and tired. The hills are a killer here and there are a lot of them.

I didn't over do it so stopped at 3k and took some photos of Plympton Castle and the area surrounding my parents before heading home.


Not the best run but a quickest time for this short distance – not bad given the elevation!


Take a look at the details on Garmin Connect.

Whilst in Plymouth this week we have enjoyed a lovely walk along the coast at Mount Edgcumbe with our parents and niece. Last night we took our parents out to celebrate my parents 45th Wedding Anniversary


7 thoughts on “Tough hilly run

  1. I think I’m in love with you … you’re so clever, you remind me of the Dutch blogger Cos. Where is he? Anyway, I’m working on the invitations now … do you prefer large and formal or large and formal? I’m sorry, did I reveal my preference!

      1. Just a bad joke … it followed on the wedding crack. You know invitations to Aunt Elsie and Uncle Earl !

  2. By the way … Ivan is the dude. He is the Emperor of blogging, or so I decided. He is so on the mark, so clever. In my next life, I want to be him.

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