Over hill and… hills

Today’s run was another hilly session As I am still at my parents. I did track my run with my Garmin and recorded 4.02 km in 26.47 which is ok.

No Moov training or GPS to share at present as there’s no wifi here to upload from the computer.

My iPhone 6 arrived yesterday so I didn’t take it for a run today as I do not have holder for it yet.

I did enjoy the run regardless of the Plymouth drizzly rain which had me blind for a small section.

I picked the wrong time to head out as I got caught up in the school run. I wouldn’t mind but no one gets out of the way. Grrr.

Anyway the run was ok and I enjoyed it. It’s not my usual distance but given the terrain etc I am happy with today’s run.

It would seem Spain was a week of flat running and Plymouth hills. Who’d have thought the training routine would be set for me 🙂

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