5 is 5 is 5

I have had another unexpected running hiatus thanks to getting a heavy head cold/flu like symptoms this week.  I managed to get to the office Monday before completing meetings then heading back for home  I then spent the most part of Monday and Tuesday sleeping.  Wednesday I picked up some work and then went back to bed.

I’ve had some pain in my shoulder too which leads me to think this is all due to what has happened in the past couple of weeks (in fact it was a month ago today that Brandy left us).

We had a fairly relaxed weekend and today is overcast but calm so I decided to go out for a run and see how I got on.

It was not my fastest or most consistent run but it was a run nonetheless.  I stopped myself when I thought I was pushing too hard and when my body told me to calm down (such as a minor bit of knee pain), I decided to pull back and take note.

I wasn’t sure I would break the 3K curse which I have had for a couple of weeks but managed to run to 5K today and am happy with that.

It felt so much better to get some wind in my sails and get some energy into my bones.

I still felt a mental weight as I was running and had lots going through my mind (notably not work) which I know isn’t doing me a lot of favours but I am getting through everything.

The running is a great stress relief and wake up call for my body and my mind and now I have completed todays 5K I aim to get back into running three times a week again.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 15.24.52

Bit of a shock to the system though as I have missed the transition into autumn and had to run with some compression gear on under my shorts and t shirt (plist to keep my shoulder warm).  It seemed to work and I felt the chill in the air bouncing away from my chest.

I’ve just bought myself a new pair of running tights in time for the winter sessions and training for the Adnams 10K in Southwold which takes place in the middle of November!

I think I will continue to train in the Hoka One One Cliftons and will run in them for the 1)k as they are incredibly comfortable and agile shoes.  This means I really should throw away my old Lunarglides and use my Flyknits as back up – I never thought I would say that!

It was good to see some people out although mainly dog walkers – not many runners.  I guess we have reached peak season and the summer runners will now retreat back to the gyms and treadmills (or sofas!).

Today was the Royal Parks Half Marathon and I woke feeling jealous that I did not get a place and was not running.  I enjoyed it so much last year and the weather seemed to be behaving again which meant the runners would have had a brilliant experience  I hope all those who ran it had a wonderful day.

Take a look at today’s run on Garmin Connect

Do any of my readers have an iPhone 6?  Have you managed to find an arm band for one yet?  I am having real trouble getting hold of one.  I managed to pre order a Belkin one on Amazon but there is no stock which is damn annoying.  I cannot use my Moov until this is sorted which is a pain 😞  Have any of you managed to run with your iPhone 6 and it so how?

Thanks for your comment!

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