@GetMoov just tried to kill me!

Check out that flash of ankle!
Check out that flash of ankle!

It has been a bit blowy and blustery today but I had some time to myself as Richard was playing a round at a new golf club. I decided to seize the free time and headed out the door with my Moov on.

I set the Moov for speed training and it set me on quite a high level to begin with.

Mood did try to match me to my best pace but i simply could not hit it – I could not get the cadence nor could I summon the energy to run at such a speed. It’s also difficult to run consistently when you are avoiding people with double buggies who won’t let you have any of the pavement of slowing to check it’s safe to run across the road at a junction.

Moov gave me 70 secs between intervals which was time to take it out of the much and lower the interval for the next session – sadly level 12 was not low enough either. I was doing ok but had to slow to a walk. Mood kept asking me if I was ok and encouraging me to finish but my legs were having none of it.

My cadence was supposed to be 164 so I am happy with this.
My cadence was supposed to be 164 so I am happy with this.
This was target pace on interval 3
This was target pace on interval 3

Interval three was on level 9 was much more manageable as was about the pace I had been running when I started – sadly I didn’t run the first interval at this pace as I hot my target and did quite well by the end.

I didn’t consistently finish all three intervals which means I have to do it again for an equal measure so that Moov can set up the training correctly but that’s not a problem because I now know where to start from.

The third interval went well and I ran that kilometre (did I mention each interval was a kilometre?), without stopping and at a good pace. I fell a couple of metres behind the target in the middle but found a good pace and finished with a good cadence and ahead of the pace that was set.

Not bad considering my last run was less than 24 hours ago. I think I shall give my legs a much-needed rest for the remainder of the weekend though!

Oh I take back any glowing comments I made about Garmin yesterday – my watch took ages again to find a signal this afternoon 😞

Take a look at my activity on Garmin Connect.


  1. Moov sounds like it could be a pretty good training device. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with it. 🙂


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