Hard but fun!

IMG_9439Oooer misses that sounds a bit risqué…

I woke with a  lot of chest and shoulder pain as I had been to the physic yesterday and as well as some traction and hard manipulation he also gave me some acupuncture which left me a little sore and tired.  He did say to see how I go and try some anti inflammatories if it got too bad and I took one before bed last night and applied some gel this morning.

Anyway I started the day by ironing our clothes for next week and Richards gold gear for today when I realised that moving and the mobility were helping.  At this point I decided I would complete the longer run I wanted and to see just how I got on.  If it hurt too much I could always stop.

Leaving the house I told myself “5 is good, 6 is great, 7 is excellent” and then I instantly thought “sod it I am doing 7!“.  So I set off and decided to start with the same hilly route I took on Thursday again conscious of my shoulder.

I headed up the hill and instead of turning to the half way mark for the 5K, I carried on up over the next hill out of Colchester – once reaching the top of the next hill I headed back and was already at 4K feeling good.  My legs were tired but that was my only concern – all issues with my shoulder etc didn’t seem to worry me.

I admit I had to stop for a brief walk and a drink on the hilly section coming back but that was a couple of seconds which I pushed through and then started again.  I carried on running, again changing my route determined to ensure I would manage 7K.

And you know what?  I did.  I really enjoyed it and I heard myself from 6K breathing heavy and I was aware that I was really sweaty.

I didn’t notice the pain in my shoulder and my chest felt ok.  My calves were heavy and my toes were numb on the right side but I carried on and was very happy by the feeling of elation when the 7K beep went off.

I am back home now, stretched and showered (incorporating the exercises from my physio) and feel ok.  Yes there is a little niggle in my side but it’s not too bad.  I think I need to simply keep mobile to help combat this.

I am not seeing the physio until after my trip so I hope that keeping up the exercises etc help me on my way.  My physio is such a nice chap and is always giving me lots of tips and encouragement – if you have any sort of niggles etc from running I highly recommend some treatment).

Anyway 7K down and I am now confident that I can and will complete the Adnams Southward 10K in two weeks time.

I have time for some evening runs (or should have) before then but this was my last opportunity for a steady long run as we are in Barcelona next weekend.  I won’t run in Barcelona but I am sure I will walk a fair distance whilst we are there.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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