The most polite 10K ever : Adnams Southwold 10K : 1:02:49

Seriously the crowds in Southwold for the Adnams 10k were very polite. Lots of “well done now”, “jolly good show” coupled with mild clapping.


As you can see Enda and I were full of beans at the start of the race.

We could have done without the taxi driver trying to get through the crowd of runners at the start but apart from that it was a nice race.

Running along the harbour we then turned along the coast, up a hill across the rugby pitches and golf course then back down to the harbour.

There were lots of pot holes to dodge along the harbour and despite my best efforts my feet got wet 😞


The route was three loops with the final section running into town for the finish. It was nice to see these parts of Southwold. Having been there some many times it’s still nice to discover new things and running often gets you to places you wouldn’t venture.

Enda hasn’t run for a while so we decided to keep to a routine pace and did well crossing the line in 1:02:49. It was also very civilised for us as we had a chat here or there, motivating one another and keeping our spirits up.

It also helped that a cute, bearded muscular guy who was running ahead, kept stopping to wait for his female friend. It made us happy as we got to observe him on many an occasion throughout the race.

I’m really pleased with the time considering how much training I have managed and the conditions. It was cold and drizzly but thankfully the race took part during the best of the weather!

Enda and I also stopped mid route for a pee so the final time and pace of 6:14 is very good.

The medal is very clever. A race sponsored by a brewer has given a medal where the metal is actually a bottle opener. Very smart. Yet another reason to love Adnams.


The race was well attended and organised. The goody bag had a decent selection of food, drinks, sports drinks, bananas, medal and a can of Adnams pale ale πŸ˜‰ Not your usual post race freebie.

Sadly we did not go into Southwold following the race as the weather turned much worse. The roads are flooded and the rain torrential.

At least Enda and I managed to get changed and dry before heading home. The local sports club gave up some changing facilities for runners which was most welcome.

Richard and Paul were great supporters and have taken loads of photos and videos and were very supportive. I think Paul (Captain Fit), was jealous and wanted to run.

Overall a great race and a lovely weekend with friends.

Now when’s the next race…?

Check out my stats on Garmin Connect.


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