Last night we attended the Goldfrapp concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Supported by the London Concert Orchestra, Goldfrapp performed Tales of Us in its entirety with the orchestra which made for a sumptuous and rich rendition of the album.

Following this the Lips choir (52 female vocalists who sing melodies), came on to sing a separate piece before joining the Orchestra to perform segments of vocal and back track on other Goldfrapp hits.

The best surprise was the introduction of John Grant who sang a few dust with Alison (some which I felt worked and some which did not).


You cannot beat the Royal Albert Hall as a venue, the sound is amazing and the acoustics are simply brilliant.  Alison was clearly nervous singing in such a grand environment but she soon conquered her nerves and belted out some fantastic renditions of Goldfrapp favourites.

A special highlight was Lovely Head where Alison’s whistling was top key and registered very high – this was also true of the vocal sections which make up the back track which came out loud and clear.

Near the end Alison asked everyone to stand (the Royal Albert Hall is very formal), it was nice to stand and dance around a bit.  Although it was a bit precarious on the front row of the circle.


I had a really fun evening with friends and we enjoyed a lovely meal in the Royal Albert Hall restaurant before the concert.

IMG_9863.JPGAnother wonderful concert from Goldfrapp and judging by what Alison said on stage, their last live show for  a while.

I am so glad we got tickets for this performance as it was truly magical.

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